Fully fund an international Down syndrome adoption EVERY month for $10? Why yes, I will do that!

Oh my gosh! I am so excited!

Have you ever wondered, “How can (this problem) be solved?”?

Over & over, I am learning the answer: One simple step at a time!

I was invited to be a part of HUGE but simple solution yesterday, and I am spinning with joy today!

International adoption is expensive! In addition to travel cost, the government & social work costs are very high.


  • For kids with Down syndrome, a partial solution has existed for several years called Reece’s Rainbow. It is a website that helps people work together to adopt kids with Down syndrome by creating an adoption account that people can donate or fundraise to before & while the child is waiting to be found by their forever family.
    This system helps families to enter the adoption process with a much lower personal cost.

If the adoption account has donations…

That’s why it is a partial solution.

Here’s the AMAZING idea that was started yesterday!

  • A Facebook group called Ransoming Angels!
    This group will unite 2500 people to fully fund 1 Reece’s Rainbow child per month. By each person contributing $10/month, we can clear the financial barriers to international adoption for a specific child each month!

With the combined efforts of Reece’s Rainbow & Ransoming Angels, we can open doors!

Ransoming Angels has 461 members in 2 days… Consider joining us to get 2500 members & fully fund our first adoption!


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