Americans are so weird about money & weight. We hide our “vital statistics” like they are not obvious. Seriously, we kinda wear our weight on our sleeve, so to speak.

As a mom with 3 young kids, living in super-hot Houston Texas, swimming is a necessity. I spend a lot of time running around in my swim suit.

You know what? I don’t think people are surprised the day they see me in my swimsuit to find out I’m a bit chubby. My regular clothes aren’t exactly a size “small”…or “medium”…or even always a “large”.

All this to say, I’ve made it down from 183 lbs to 166… and I kinda got stuck @ 166.6.
So I was very glad today to see 166.2.

I was afraid I might have to get Shipley’s to escape the 666!



One response to “Weight

  1. yay!! 😉

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