Righteous anger from an 8 year old

Today, Arabella (my 10 year old daughter with Down syndrome) and I were skipping school to volunteer at the Father’s Joy fundraiser golf tournament.

So on the way to drop Holden (my 8 year old son) off at school, he was asking why we were doing this, what is Father’s Joy.

So I explained to him that Father’s Joy was named after Abigail Tassin. Abigail means Father’s, as in God the Father, Joy. The organization was started to help people understand that babies with Down syndrome are a joy to the Lord, and to us.

I explained to Holden that 9 babies out of 10 with Down syndrome were killed while they were still inside their mothers.

Holden started screaming. He said, “Why would any doctor do that? I want to get any doctor who would kill a baby.”

He cried the rest of the way to school.

I let him cry a bit.

Then I said, “It’s our job to help show the world that the lives of people with Down syndrome, like Arabella and Darin, are valuable. That they have a good life, and they are valued members of our family.”

And through his tears, as we pulled up to his school, he said, “And that she is a wonderful sister.”

Thank you, Lord, for the love of a brother that will change the world for my Arabella.


3 responses to “Righteous anger from an 8 year old

  1. Oh, man. This is amazing.

  2. What a great testimony! Thanks to you, Arabella and your entire family for being part of our event today! You guys helped make it one of the most special tournaments we’ve ever had! Love you all!

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