Book: My Sister’s Keeper

This week, I’ve been ready My Sister’s Keeper.
I picked it up with no info on it, just looking for a mindless read.

Target: MISSED!

This book has knocked me on my butt, & put into narrative some really personal struggles.

Namely, how do we parent each child individually & as part of the family?
Especially, how “right” is it to assume that they each prioritize one another as you do?

As a parent of 3, with one child sandwiched between siblings with Down syndrome, I’ve formed opinions on this that were challenged and examined in this novel.

Quick summary of the family in My Sister’s Keeper:
Jesse – 18 yr old brother
Kate – 16 yr old sister with leukemia
Anna – 13 yr old sister, born by IVF to be a genetic match to Kate, so her umbilical cord blood can be used to treat Kate’s leukemia

Broad issue of book:
Is it in the best interest of Anna to be a donor to Kate?
Who gets to decide?

I’m not in this specific situation, but I am reflecting on both how decision about Holden’s life are effected by the sibling’s developmental differences…
How my attitude prioritizes each child.

Interesting, emotional read.


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