There are many things I’m not sure what to say about our visit to a prospective church in Maine.
But there are a few things I would like to reflect on…

In 2009, when we closed Basilica, we returned to Kaleo and my role changed. I went from Joel’s co-churchplanter to one-of-four pastors wives. I was worn out from 3 years of ministry ups and downs & welcomed the lower level of expectation for me as a church leader.

But then 3 years swept by and I started feeling funny about my identity as a minister of the gospel. It’s so hard to get moving when you are sitting completely still… and I’ve been sitting still in terms of Kaleo. My only ministry involvement has been outside the church, with Redeemed Ministries.

I felt a little lost, like the part of me that I planned to rest after Basilica might have forgotten who it was.20130102-211150.jpg
Then we came to Maine.20130102-211030.jpg
Joel has been corresponding with this church about possibly being their pastor since last Spring. The church and our family need to see if we are a good fit… So he is preaching 2 Sundays in a row, with lots of fellowship in the middle. He preached last Sunday on Biblical Community.
Then the fellowship began. We have had the opportunity to be with small & large groups of church members on Sunday evening, Monday evening (New Year’s Eve), and Tuesday (New Year’s Day).20130102-211126.jpg
Each day, I felt like a part of me that I had missed was alive. My heart and mind felt like they had the ministerial vision of God that I have missed seeing through. I felt renewed. I am so excited to see that this time of Joel’s education at HBU has been a time of hibernation, not death.


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