God is good.

This week, Arabella, my first born child, has spent the week in Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH). Our bulldog’s crazy sticking out tooth went into her finger, causing an infection.20130221-141608.jpg20130221-141625.jpg

Hospital-time leads to reflection.

  • For Arabella specifically, TCH is the place she came on her second day outside my womb, and remained for 25 days trying to learn to eat while her heart ran a marathon.
    Then she returned for a feeding tube to be placed (and replaced) at 3 months old.
    She had her heart repaired by the cardiovascular surgeons there at 6 months old.

    And here she is, 11 yrs old, and healthy for 9 yrs!
    That’s something to celebrate!

  • Regarding healthcare: this finger thing didn’t look like a big deal… Redness, puffiness, but not a lot else. But the doctors at both our Pediatricians office & in the ER know that hands can progress in bad ways, so they are fighting vigorously, aggressively, for the health of Arabella’s hand.
    That’s something to appreciate!
  • Regarding life: while it might seem inconvenient to sleep away from home, it’s a blessing to have 1-on-1 time with my daughter. Thankfully, my job is mega-flexible, my husband is super helpful, and my sons are compassionate & understanding.
    Those are all blessings.

It seems like “bumps” in life are good times to pay attention, be more alert to how life is really going.

I can see God’s blessings raining down on me!

How about you?


One response to “God is good.

  1. Morrye and Jessica Rumbaugh

    I am posting for Jessica, and she sure does miss “Bella” alot. She is hoping she will be at school tomorrow. We are so thankful for God’s blessings on you both.

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