Learning from differences

In preparation for our move, I’ve been asking lots of questions (understatement of the year, huh, Amy?) about setting up our new household with water, heat, electricity, and Internet.

Honestly, I was surprised to find:

  • Maine doesn’t have natural gas flowing into each house like we do here, heating our water, fueling our stoves, and heating our homes.
  • In the Farmington/Strong area, most people get water from a well right under their house for free (except the electricity to pump in out)
  • Many homes have a propane stove, but use both wood & heating oil for heating.

Since I’ve been trying to grasp the why of each new fuel type, it’s made me realize I’ve never questioned my current fuel at the same level.

In fact, having my sewer, water, & trash combined on a City of Houston bill gives me little awareness when one of those costs fluctuate.

In our new home, we will have the required tank of heating oil as backup, but we will mainly heat with wood. I wonder if putting one log at a time into a wood furnace will raise my awareness of what we consume.


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