Two ways to live

Before Jesus rescued me, I only knew one way to get through life: planning/controlling by my sight.

It. was. exhausting!

I tried to control & calculate how to get through life without hurt or betrayal. But I was in bondage to ANXIETY!
Because people can’t be controlled & life is chaotic.

When I met Jesus, everything was stripped away. I lost the boyfriend I thought I would marry & most of my plans.

That’s when Jesus shower me a new way to live: By faith in His sight.

He began to give me dreams, hopes, & priorities.
And since He put them in my heart, I didn’t need to control them. The anxiety & fear was replaced by amazement.

He showed me joy & life in places I didn’t know existed… like a little special needs camp in Missouri & Jodhpur, west India.

But life is long & repetitious.

And living by my sight is so natural, I really don’t notice when I switch back to it.

Until the old ‘signs’ return… (anxiety & fear)
Or He presents another amazing adventure…

(Btw, I prefer #2)

Then I remember I can close my eyes I walk by faith in His sight!

We are currently on an amazing ride, & I’m fighting to keep my eyes squeezing closed everyday.
I am constantly tempted to take control over our family’s journey to Maine with the old drive, WORRY.
What if this falls through? What about that? Can I actually blah-blah-blah?

But that would be to IGNORE all the AMAZING driving He has already done. My Jesus has not required me to have blind faith.

He has graciously filled my life, & specifically this journey with experiences where I CAN SEE He is carrying me.

Today, I choose His sight over mine.
Tomorrow, I’ll have to choose to remember again & close my eyes!


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