Difference: Texas & Maine

These are just some observations I’ve made since moving to Maine… I’m not criticizing (unless noted on that item 😋), just contrasting.

  • Water comes from a well beneath your house, is ice cold, & tastes amazing!
  • Natural gas is not under the ground in Maine, so there are no magical pipes bringing it into your home.
  • Trees are in abundance, so heating is split between “Heating Oil” and wood.
  • When someone is a “home builder” by profession, they actually hammer nails, vs supervising workers.
  • Lots of people build their own houses by hand.
  • There don’t seem to be building codes, so stairs are not always optimized for safety. 20130719-235218.jpgMy stairs’ run is shorter than my foot… yesterday, I missed 4 steps & caught myself with my upper arm.
  • As far as I’ve noted, I’ve seen 2 African Americans in Farmington.
  • Elderly people in the community seem VERY impatient & annoyed by my special kids. This is the opposite of my previous experiences.
  • People just ignore the stripes next to van-accessible handicap parking, pulling right into the stripe area.
  • Raw milk consumption is normal. I’m getting it for $4.25/gallon!
  • Lakehouses are referred to as “camps”.
  • Dunkin Donuts is the “third place”… my town has 3 & no Starbucks.
  • Because of hills, my cellphone coverage while driving is a joke.
  • Internet cables have not been installed on my street, since the company wants more customers per mile to finish the job.
  • Getting my new driver’s license only took 20 mins at one of 10 Bureau of Motor Vehicles across the state… I know where 4+ DPS locations are in Houston & always wait longer than that.
  • Craigslist is statewide vs citywide, so it’s pretty hard to connect within reasonable driving distance.

3 responses to “Difference: Texas & Maine

  1. For some of the things, you’ll find the same is true in rural Texas, so it might be the country rural-ness vs the megalopolis of Houstonia and its services rather than Texas/Maine differences. Things like: No high speed internet, using well water, better wait times for government services, no natural gas lines underground, etc.

  2. You forgot to mention that here we eat “suppah”, translation, “supper”, instead of dinner. Welcome to Maine!

  3. Dinner in Texas means lunch

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