State of adjustment address

So I’ve been in Maine about 3 weeks, and adjusting is definitely a roller coaster. At first I was exhausted by 3 week adventure getting here… then I was more exhausted & overwhelmed by unpacking.
But once I got the house just so, I think the ride finally got going. I was in another place with no schedule or routine for the kids, no familiar order to life…. Yikes I felt confused.
This week, I’ve been working on being proactive. We started a routine, just as a framework, & a reinforcement system to determine when we do certain fun things.

But I still have days like today:
I woke up with the kids, instead of before them, & Darin was almost instantly hyper & disobedient.
I needed to get out the door to drive 1 hr to get my license, a failed errand from Monday… but the kids were moving slow.
When Joel called to check on my progress at 10am, I wanted to throw the phone at him.
But when he called back after I packed lunches for the kids, offering to finish his work tomorrow & accompany me to the drivers license place, I couldn’t fathom changing plans at that point.
I was just grouchy & nothing would fix it…

The day went very well, each errand taking hardly anytime after all.
Then we had a great dinner at a family in our church’s house.
So I woke up grouchy & I’m falling asleep really happy.

The ride continues….


One response to “State of adjustment address

  1. Ah yes, those days! So glad you are here and are having good times as well!

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