Starting with the foundation

Formerly, my life kinda put itself together…
First, there would be my work duties & appointments.
Then the kids’ school carpooling & commitments.
Then church activities.
Then running a household.

Basically, the only way personal bible study got included in there was because Precepts had a specific time.

As part of my life redesign, I’m trying to build from the foundation up.
My foundation is my identity in Christ, so I’m trying very hard to make bible study a habit.

I stink at habits! I’m not disciplined, and sometimes I’m rebellious against something I “have to” do.

But in order to ground myself during the identity crisis moving brought on, I started doing the Precepts bible study workbook I had only skimmed over the last year in Texas. In the book of Romans, I found life and peace. I also found that a day or two away from the Bible leaves me searching for a source of identity again.

So I’ve concluded that a new life for me needs to be built on daily bible study.

I’m daily challenged by this already. Dirty dishes, limited time for homeschooling Arabella, errands to run, and just plan distractions constantly make me want to skip this.

But for the sake of a wonderful life, I desire to fight for this foundation!


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