Simplifying: not being a hypocrite

I don’t want to try something on Holden I won’t try myself….

So I’m trying Project333 for me, too.
I think I’m gonna modify it a little though.
I’m not going to stress about including jewelry or shoes in my 33 items.

My main problem is buying clothes just because they are a deal. Who doesn’t need another shirt for 40% off?

I’m excited to see how many outfits I can make by mixing tops & bottoms!

I was pretty blown away looking at this Goodwill 10-piece Wardrobe.

Here is my starting list:

  1. Stitchfix dress (houndstooth with off white, grey, black, navy)
  2. Royal blue 3/4-sleeve tunic/dress
  3. Chambray 3-button long-sleeve tunic
  4. Grey/black stripe long-sleeve tunic
  5. Purple plaid long-sleeve button up
  6. Stitchfix off-white black polkadot sweater
  7. Multicolor stripe sweater
  8. Hot pink sweater
  9. Turquise flower 3/4-sleeve button up
  10. Black short-sleeve shirt
  11. Khaki/off-white stripe short-sleeve shirt
  12. Red short-sleeve sweater
  13. Navy/off-white stripe short-sleeve shirt
  14. Black/grey sequin tank top
  15. Grey with black polkadot sequins long cardigan
  16. Navy 3/4-sleeve cardigan
  17. Black short-waist 3/4-sleeve cardigan
  18. Charcoal long wrap sweater
  19. Beige long wool wrap sweater
  20. Dark jeans
  21. Light jeans
  22. Black pants
  23. Khaki pants
  24. Black/khaki stripe cotton skirt
  25. Black leggings
  26. Brown leggings
  27. Off white leggings
  28. Burgundy leggings
  29. Black with white rings wrap dress
  30. Green with white/blue dots wrap dress
  31. Grey dress with broach

What’s funny is: Now that I’ve made this list, this seems like a lot of clothes!



2 responses to “Simplifying: not being a hypocrite

  1. I found your post by googling “project 333 stitchfix” … because I want to combine my enjoyment of new clothes (without shopping) with trimming down the volume of my wardrobe. I hope your project 333 has gone well, as I’m just about to start my own version!

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