Life Redesign: Update

I haven’t made much progress on figuring out what my Maine life will look like.
Between illness & holidays, I’m mostly treading water.

But I don’t want to get stuck here.

While there is nothing profound about a new month or a new year passing, it does feel like a good marker for change.

I’m hoping that I can set my mind on some goals to start in January… especially since this will be my first time with all 3 kids attending public school here in Maine (Arabella joins the boys there on January 6).

Goal 1: Consistent exercise!
Goal 2: Find something to volunteer to help with at the kids school.
Goal 3: Begin spending time getting to know the hearts of women in my community.
Goal 4: Create another income source and/or cut down our food budget by shopping more intentionally.

Well, those were right off the top of my head, so now I have like 14 days to figure out how to get going on them. Wish me luck!


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