Life Redesign: Update 2

I actually feel like I have some progress to report!

After my last update, the Christmas holiday took us home to Texas for 10 days… And several great things resulted from that break:

  • I really missed my Maine life, and was able to appreciate some specific things in contrast with my former Houston life.
  • I got a fresh start on routines & was no longer stuck in the rut I entered while adjusting to our move.

Returning just as Arabella was starting school put me in a great position to set a new routine.

So today is Week 2, Day 1 of my new priorities in action.


  1. Spiritual & Physical Health
  2. Family
  3. Ministry to the women of our church

I think my goals from my last update have been tweaked or expanded:

  • Goal 1: Consistent exercise! Getting healthy! Cardio 5x weekly, Strength 3x weekly, 96 oz water/day.

    Week 1 (1/8-1/14):

    • Cardio 30 min x 4 days
    • Strength exercises 2 days
    • Water 3 days at 96 oz!
  • Goal 2: Find something to volunteer to help with at the kids school. I’m postponing this until Arabella adjusts.
  • New Goal 2: Create a healthier home environment – regarding both meals & leisure time.
  • Goal 3: Begin spending time getting to know the hearts of women in my communitychurch.
  • Goal 4: Create another income source and/or cut down our food budget by shopping more intentionally.
    ~ Trying out Once A Month cooking this month to help us eat out less.
  • New Goal 5: Get consistent with bible study.
    ~ With all this productivity, I’m finding the easiest thing to skip is my personal bible study. Need to remedy this…

After all these months of scheduleless non-productivity, it’s refreshing to have a plan.

But I was reading this blog tonight, and I was reminded what a life redesign really represents the opportunity for:

It’s a perfect opportunity to be right here, right now, and see who The Lord is!


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