Life Redesign – Goal 1: Getting Healthy – Starting again

This has been a rough month for getting healthy. On February 26, I started feeling bad… & on March 20, I found out it was diverticulitis & started antibiotics.

In March, I exercised 7 times. Today, March ends with my 1st trip to the gym in 2 weeks.

It’s discouraging to start over after 7 weeks of going strong.

But I can see, for the first time 2 great things:

  1. Exercise is really good for my mental health!
    I have been able to see clearly how much harder to fight darkness is without energy.
  2. My metabolism is working.
    After years of being sure I don’t have one, I think it’s going – cuz I continued to lose (a very small) amount of weight this month.

I’m clinging to these to help me push back into working out.


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