A double king, Joseph, & the Magi

The past 13 years have been a whirlwind, pretty much defined by doing too much all the time.
And I wondered why I felt less mature in The Lord than before it all started.
In this time, I have relied on seeing Him work in my family to know him, since my digging in to the Word felt sparse.

So forgive me if I testify like someone reading the Bible for the first time. But this is GOOD STUFF!

The past 2 weeks, I’ve been studying Matthew 1-2 through Precept Matthew Part 1. Inductive methods have made 3 things 💣pop💣 out to me, that I’ve always overlooked before:

  • Matthew 1 not only shows Jesus’ royal lineage for David’s throne (vs 1-17), but it also shows Jesus’ royal lineage to God’s heavenly throne – Son of God & Son of Man!
  • I’ve never thought a lot about Joseph, Mary’s husband… But several things came out that blew me away:
    • Joseph was in the kingly lineage of David, but that line was cursed with Jeconiah, making the promise to David difficult to fulfill legally. But coming through Mary’s bloodline combined with Joseph’s legal parentage met all the requirements while not changing the judgement of Jeconiah.
    • So Joseph & Mary were not only devoted to God and upstanding in character, they had a unique position in family lineage.
    • Joseph had a lot of dreams! God really held Joseph’s hand in the parenting of His son. It was a big job & it was definitely not left on Mary’s shoulders, or even on Joseph’s… but they had a lot of support to hold them together as a couple raising & protecting the Messiah.
  • The Magi… wow, they were really good examples for us. They stepped out on faith when they saw His star, sought information based on what they knew so far when they got to Jeruasalem, and rejoiced when the star returned. But most of all, they sacrificially worshipped the Child… and went home. They worshipped who He was, not asking about what He would do specifically for them. They seem to get that His coming would change THE WORLD, even if they went back to a country that seemed the same right then.

I love the pressure of learning to teach…


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