Life reflections

My favorite things about my small town life:

  • Going to Farmers Union to get eggs placed there by the farmer, and watching them put my $3 in the various containers for each farmer.
  • Parking right in front of the posts office, then having the Post Master talk to me while I’m in line, about a dance program she’s putting together for $10 per kid.
  • Picking up organic milk at the farm on a 2 minute detour.
  • Principal Pease holding the door and greeting all the kids as they enter Strong School.
  • A dentist accepting Joel as a walk-in patient & getting him cared for within 3 hrs.
  • Water from a well under jm house tasting like heaven.
  • Tapped maple trees everywhere.
    Theresa’s crusty soft homemade bread.
  • “Daycare” being a thing in someone’s house where they feed them home cooked food everyday.
  • Running 3-4 errands in less than 1 hour.



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