Change is progress

I often get teased because of my tendency to rearrange my home. If I am cleaning a room, and I can think of a more efficient arrange, I think it makes sense to try it.

The teasing seems to be based on a false presumption:
Changing things has more risk than leaving them the same.

I often hear, “I’ve had my room arranged the same way for years.”

What I rarely/never hear is, “I’ve had the room arranged the same way for years BECAUSE I love where the [couch/table/bed].”

The underlying tone is “change is bad, staying the same is good.”

I propose that this is wrong! Why in the world would you continue one more day with something that isn’t working to maximum potential?
For example:

  • Why would you leave medicine & in a cabinet that has the chance of a visiting toddler reaching them? This change could be life saving & takes 5 mins.
  • Why would you leave your bed in a spot where light shines in your eyes from the hall, if shifting it can eliminate this annoyance?
  • Why not search for another job if the current one puts you under an oppressive boss, or is not utilizing skills you have?
  • Why not try new diets if your body is not healthy or feeling good?
  • So often, people willing to take the risk & fail are mocked for abandoning the KNOWN to explore the UNKNOWN.

    I challenge you to think before you tease: Maybe that lack of trying something new is why you are in so many ruts!


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