As I approach the 1 yr mark of moving, I’m reflecting on lots of things & the way my perspective on them changes…

Today it’s on church.

I’ve “church shopped” several times in my life – upon moving home from college, after getting married, etc, always evaluating the preaching, the worship music style, the kids stuff, friend potential, etc.

But moving to Maine was different. We moved here to be a part of a church I spent one Sunday at & 6 days among the members. And I moved here to join them regardless of the music (not my style) & kids stuff (no kids stuff, but tons of nice kids).

What I’ve found is the lack of the option to CHOOSE a church had forced me to choose to make my church better over and over.

  • Choosing to connect with people of different ages, interests, & styles than me.
  • Choosing to be a leader when I was to be a consumer.
  • I often remember that these people are why I was not lonely when I arrived 2000 miles from home.



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