You can’t always fully appreciate the value of a gift when you received it…

In winter of 2013-14 in Maine, a good gift-giver Chuck gave me a treasure that I only now appreciate as such.

Her name is Kaitlin.

Chuck had an amazing ability to entrust Joel & I with ministry inclusion that was outside our pursuits, but so good for us.

In this case, he asked if I would disciple his friend, Kaitlin. We actually met up at the local Taco Bell (there were no Starbucks in Farmington), and decided to start a friendship.

I didn’t instantly know Kaitlin was a treasure. She didn’t sweep in and say, “Here’s all I have to offer as a friend.”

But she might be my most treasured gift from God in a long time.

Kaitlin is an amazing listener. Not because she quietly listens. But she LISTENS, actively and rememberfully, to what & how you say things.

Kaitlin makes time for people. She drove 6 hrs each way at thanksgiving from her home in northern Kentucky for 48 hrs with us in Tennessee.

Kaitlin loves my children well, recognizing their value & setting aside time for each of them.

As I prayed today for companions in my daily life here in Friendswood, God brought to mind my sweet Kaitlin (and others) He has provided over my lifetime, filling me with thankfulness & hope.


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