Appropriately titled

Not sure why I chose the byline for this blog, but it is a perfect fit right now. 

In the fall, I entered a season of “blah” in my faith. My normal hope and hunger in my faith in Christ have been out of my reach. And as a natural rule breaker vs follower, it’s been hard to get myself to go through the motions of the Christian walk. With the new year, I resigned from leading a small group of girls, since I didn’t feel like leading anyone into the wilderness. 

But I also realized I had created some of the issues… like spending my time at church in student ministry with Bella, instead of with adults.

So this month I have jumped into adult Bible class at my church, and returned to Precepts bible study at another church.

So far, they actually go together – Jeremiah & Daniel. And they are reminding me of characteristics of God’s eternal plan that are bigger than me.

I’ve decided to try to blog through this season, because it’s easy to talk about the easy seasons… but this is the season I need to be able to look back on and learn from.


3 responses to “Appropriately titled

  1. Cindy Parnell

    Hey Heather! I googled “salt toasted tofu” and was led to your blog! Small world. I’m living in Dallas and desperate for Mais; I just cannot seem to get that classic mais breading right though! Anyway, I hope your family is well. Arabella is so big now! I haven’t seen her since me and Brandon’s wedding.

    I’m married to Tim Parnell now, and have been for 10 years! I gave birth to twin girls in 2009. Tell Joel Tim says hello. Joel should know who he is.

    Take care! ❤

  2. ❤Thank you for sharing your heart.

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