20 year of the faithfulness of God

This month marks 20 years since June 1997 when I quit running from the Lord… and He saved me!

So I would like to share 20 examples of His grace in my life:

  • In June 1997, I moved from a very small world of complete focus on Gabe, to start life with God. I was alone, since my former god took all my attention.
  1. The first thing I remember was that He provided 2 amazing roommates, Katrina and Jennifer, who loved Him but also couldn’t carry the weight of my dependency, so they sent me to the Bible for hope, peace, life, direction – EVERYTHING!
  2. Next, He took me to Aggie Sisters for Christ where I learned to study the Bible, be accountable to my Christian sisters, and met my wonderful friends Amy, Wendy, and Anne-Lauren.
  3. For my whole life, I had been drawn to multiple things that didn’t lead to point to a career or make sense to me… but after I met Christ, they made sense! He had created me with a love for the world, since this reflects His love for the Nations.
  4. Then, in 1998, Camp Barnabas came to Aggie Sisters for Christ to recruit volunteers to be one-on-one with individuals with various disabilities at camp. At this camp, God put me in a cabin with 10 girls with Down syndrome, and put His desire in my heart to have a daughter with Down syndrome.
  5. In 1999, He blessed me with going to Rajasthan, India with Caleb Project, where I learned by living with Helen, Tim, Heather, and Mark, who each followed Him with a different expression of faith and discipline.
  6. In 2000, He put Joel on my heart, even before I knew him, or knew that God was calling Joel to himself, and brought us together to be on mission for Him, with strengths that compliment and challenge each other.
  7. In 2001, He used my pregnancy with Arabella to humble the pride that developed over the years of Him letting me be part of His work.
  8. He used an irregular ultrasound to cause us to understand the grace and faith in Him it takes to have a child.
  9. He used the words of Nicole at the Mother Blessing to show us in advance what He would do later, just as with prophets in the Bible.
  10. He showed us the amazing gift of His Church as Ecclesia carried us through the days in the NICU after Arabella was born with a broken heart.
  11. He taught us to surrender our greatest possession back to Him when the doctors had to cut into our daughter 3 times in her first 6 months. And He let us keep her.
  12. He blessed us with knowing Camryn and experiencing the faith of Heidi and Stephen as God took her to His home.
  13. He miraculously brought Darin into our home, a precious present.
  14. He took us to Kaleo, used Bill to heal some brokenness in our marriage, and called Joel to plant The Basilica Community, where we experienced church in an amazing way.
  15. He provided my amazing job through volunteer at Star of Hope, who sent my resume to a friend, and then gave Angela the confidence to let me work from home, so I could invest in my kids while working full time. After 10 years, I still love this job!
  16. He took us to Maine… even as hard as it was, I can’t imagine life without going there and getting to know the Bells, the Desjardins, the Hutchins, and the Stewarts.
  17. He sold our house in Houston, bought in 2004, rented out from 2007-2014, just as we needed money to return to Texas and find new jobs.
  18. He provided Shae & Shelley to provide care for Darin so I could go to church.
  19. He provided a student ministry that has embraced Arabella & drawn her to the Lord.
  20. He gave me a patient, loving mother & a Christ-like father to help me through all these year!

One response to “20 year of the faithfulness of God

  1. Such grace and mercy in your story. ❤

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