Hope of restoration 

Gracious Redeemer

I was lost in sin, held captive by my fear’til your mercy showed your hand was reaching near
My God, you came and made a way for me
You made a way for me
My Jesus, gracious Redeemer and friend
There’s nothing like Your love without end
My hope was purchased by the blood of the Lamb
My Jesus, Redeemer
You defeated death, You trampled over sin
You’re the Risen King, You’re coming back again
Oh God, You came and made a way for us
You made a way for us
No guilt, no shame
no curse, no chains
new life, You gave
My debt is paid
my soul now saved
oh God, You came

As I went to church today, it seemed that God has specific theme about His character to remind me of – Hope in restoration.

This theme first began to stand out to me at the Women’s retreat I mentioned before as Jackie often spoke of broken things that happen in life “outside the Garden”, in the life where we know good and evil, but don’t get to walk along side the Creator face to face.

So in Sunday School today, we looked at Jeremiah 32:7-44, where in the midst of Babylon besieging and conquering Israel and Judah, God told Jeremiah to do something odd – invest in property in the besieged land… as a symbol of the promise of God’s future hope, of His plan to restore His nation.

This week, I need hope of restoration. I need to know God has a long term plan to make all the chaos make sense in the end. Looking back at His work in the Old Testament, seeing how His plan has been executed to my salvation, I will have hope.

My Heart Is Yours Lyrics

I give you my life
I give you my trust
You are my God
You are enough
Jesus, Jesus
My heart is Yours
My heart is Yours
Take it all, take it all
My life in your hands
I lay down my life
I take up my cross
You are my God
Whatever the cost
Jesus, Jesus
Bridge: (I Surrender All)
All to Jesus I surrender
All to You I freely give
Oh I will ever love and trust You
In Your presence I will live.


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