About me

Well… let see. Where do I begin…

I am Heather. I married Joel in 2001… which drastically changed me. I was used to being the average girl, not too popular or unpopular, half-glass full. I married a former Athiest punk who had only met Jesus 3 months before meeting me… and had lived the life of an outcast, being bullied, passed over and cynical.We battled a lot to seek God, figure out what serving Him was supposed to look like, and kill sin in our lives. And along the way, we got some serious battle scars. All I will say about that now is I totally understand when people are done with church leadership. I have sworn off being anything more than a church consumer 3+ times… and I am only 32 35 yrs old.

On Sept 11, 2001, I had our first child, Arabella Grace… 7.5 months after we got married… and she was not born early! So, her name meaning “Beautiful Altar of Grace,” represents exactly what she is to me – the extension of grace, an unmerited gift, to a missionary who know that God was worth more than pre-marital sex… still did it, and was more than forgiven, but blessed by the fruit of the act.

Arabella is my angel. I’m planning my first post to be about her… so I will stop on that here.

I am also the proud mother of 2 sons: Holden Luke by birth in August, 2003, and Darin Michael by adoption in June, 2005.

Joel has a company, EasyChurchMedia.com is a student at HBU & a pastor at Kaleo Church.
I am a full-time case manager for a Medicaid waiver, have a side business selling communication devices, and a full-time mom.

My ministry passions are:

1. India

2. Adoption

3. Human trafficking abolition

This is my life.


3 responses to “About me

  1. Hi Such a nice blog you have. I am a mother 30 year sold and have 2 daughters . My first born is 3 year sold Abigail , and my youngest daughter is named Arabelle Deifilia and she is 7 months old. Arabelle has down syndrom. Nice to know that also your daughters name is Arabella . Such beautiful name !

  2. The story of your first child really touched my heart. Thank you for your openness and honesty. How wonderful that her name will always exemplify God’s grace.

  3. I am soooooooo glad to meet you! You are inspiring! I am looking forward to reading your blog!

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