Affirmations of God’s hand in our move to Maine

We are moving from Texas to Maine, for my husband to become the pastor at a small rural church.

These are my reminders of how I know God has planned this:

  • In Spring 2012, the job posting described Joel & his strengths very closely.
  • As they got impatient for a pastor, & Joel still had 1 year of school, all the leadership was draw to Joel & other candidates were eliminated.
  • They invited our whole family for the interview.
  • On our initial visit in Dec 2012, 9 people met us at the airport.
  • Upon entering the church, Arabella spoke politely to all the people & there were 3 girls her age!
  • By day 2, I felt at home among the church members.
  • The kids PLAYED with Darin, teaching him games & including him.
  • Cassie is moving in town just in time to give us a home.
  • Our new home has both a 4th bedroom & a 2nd living room – 2 prayer requests.
  • We were worried about Joel driving a large moving truck, & David Fletcher bought a ticket to fly to Texas to drive with Joel.
  • After years of loving my job at Vitaliving, I feel ready to let it go.
  • God lead me to start Adaptive Communication Devices, which will allow me to be a homeschool mom, another answer to prayer.

One response to “Affirmations of God’s hand in our move to Maine

  1. Also God protected your lives on the way there.

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