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Joseph, all things working together for good

Today as I continue my Precepts on Romans, I was led to Genesis 37, 39-45, 50:15-21… All about Joseph.

Joseph seems to know how to follow God in situations that seem oppressive to me.

The beginning of Joseph’s story in Genesis 37 has always been a little strange to me: after being singled out by his father with a unique/special coat, Joseph has 2 dream that foretell that his brothers will bow to him. My initial reaction was that Joseph was naive to share these dreams… didn’t he realize that they would cause more jealousy in his family?

But as I looked at the whole of this story, naive and ignorant are NOT words that characterize Joseph. In fact, chaotic reactions seem to be missing from the story. Why don’t we hear about Joseph yelling & fighting when he is sold to the Ishmaelites? Why don’t we read about escape attempts from the slave market, from Potiphar’s house, and especially from the prison when he is falsely accused?

I think Joseph must have been so in tune with God that he could see these dreams as a vehicle of God, see the actions of his brothers as a tool for God, and even a false accusation as a thing of purpose in the hands of a sovereign God.

My sense of American entitled justice make this really hard for me to grasp. How can I let a false accusation go undefended? How can I not hold the station in life I am entitled to?

But both Joseph and I know the answer: by faith in the justice of the eternal kingdom of Jesus Christ.