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Back to school

I got up early on Friday, and went to San Jac for “counseling” – for a guy to hit a button on his computer so I could register.
Then I headed to the computer lab, and registered for 2 classes – Anatomy & Physiology I, and Intro to Sociology.

Really excited to start knocking pre-requisites out of the way… then if God opens a door for me to go to school, I’ll be ready.
When they did my course audit a few years ago, I needed 4 classes to go to TWU, and 7 classes for UT-Houston. I took Nutrition in Spring 2006, so that took care of 1 for both.

Texas Women’s pre-reqs University of Texas-Houston’s pre-reqs
Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II
. Intro to Sociology
. Intro to Philosophy

I’m going ahead with the pre-reqs for UT-Houston, because they have several “alternative programs,” such as an excellerated 15 month program that might decrease how long we would have to live without my income.
Also, those 2 classes won’t change how fast (1 per semester) I can go through the other 4 classes.

Wish me luck!