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Adoption and child sponsorship

As you know, I love adoption. I think it is an amazing vehicle of restoration of Shalom… a way to knit back together the broken fabric of society.

But adoption is costly and complicated. You need to be ready to raise a child, with a community of support, a stable job, and more.

And there are many child around the world in need, who have parents they don’t want to leave… they still need help.

So, how can we help children in a simple way?

Child Sponsorship.
Many organization like Compassion International offer a partnership – they will do the legwork to meet the children where they are, and we can provide prayer, love, and funds.

Today I read this blog post by my beloved Ann Voskamp (One Thousand Gifts:
A Dare to Live Fully
Right Where You Are
), being struck by this section:

When he shows us his bedroom, there are no photos of his father on the wall. Or mother or brother. Just a trio of smiles— a photo of a family, a long haired girl, a cluster of kids. It’s good to find smiling here. We brush at wet cheeks and smile too and ask who are these beautiful friends of yours, Jonathan?

I look towards our translator. She asks Jonathan and she turns to us —

“These are his Compassion sponsors.” The the only family he knows, right there, hanging over his bed, the only things hanging on the walls of this hut. Love is always our only art.

“These are the letters they write me.” A smile flickers. The scrawling script under the Compassion logo talks of snow and dogs and school. “I love Mr. Andrew and his family very much.”

He whispers it.

Love is always our only hope.

On the wall of an abandoned 15-year old in the Amazon are letters and pictures from his Compassion sponsors.

Have you sponsored a child? Do you picture your letters there?
Have you written one to hold that position of honor?

I wrote my first on-line letter today. And you can even upload pictures!

If you have a sponsored child, share your thanksgiving holiday with them by sending a letter.
If you don’t have a sponsored child, sponsor one today. Some of these kids have been waiting over 3 years for someone to spend $38/month on them.
Isn’t that just an impulse-buy of a pair of shoes? How about impulse-sponsoring a child?