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Book: Salvador Witness-The Life and Calling of Jean Donovan

My next missionary book is Salvador Witness.


We have to have a far more nuanced understanding of poverty. It is a terrible tragedy to see the world powers reading as communism what is in fact nothing more than the cry of the poor for justice.
If the free West really wants to contain communism worldwide, then it must attack injustice. If the West were to declare war on poverty and eliminate poverty, communism would be dead, because no on would believe it.
Christ dealt with it in very simple terms. He said, you behave equally to all men for my sake. And he said the truth will make people free. But you see, people don’t like the truth, especially when it is a demanding truth, when it demands reform and it demands a redistribution of wealth. (Father Crowley, pg 51)

Soon, the Bible and the Gospel won’t be allowed to cross our borders. We will get only the bindings, because all of the pages are subversive. And I think that if Jesus himself came across the border at Chalatenango, they would not let him in. They would accuse the Man-God, the prototype of man, of being a rabble-rouser, a foreign Jew, one who confused the people with exotic and foreign ideas, ideas against democracy – that is, against the wealthy minority… Brothers and sisters, there is no doubt, they would crucify him again. (Father Rutilio Grande, in last mass before his martyrdom, pg 88)

[Y]ou can contribute a lot and make a big difference in the world if you realize that the world you’re talking about might be very small – maybe one person, or two people[.] (pg 96)

She became aware that the very people she had come all this way to help – the illiterate farm workers and their families, surviving day to day in their bone-poor, uncluttered houses – had something that she wanted…. She began to discover that life as it was lived by the Salvadoran poor was more real, more humane,… [they] depended for their very existence upon each other. (pg 106)

The persecution of the Church is a result of defending the poor…If all this has happened to the Church, you can guess what has happened to the ordinary Christian people…As always it has been the poor among us who have suffered most… our persecution is nothing more than sharing in the destiny of the poor. (Oscar Arnulfo Romero, pg 117 (rearranged))