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HCS 1915c waivers

Texas Medicaid Waivers Explained

My job for the past 4 years has been case management for a State-program for people with disabilities. I work for a non-profit agency, not the State of Texas. We are the contracted communicators between the people & the government.

Arabella got on the same program I work for (called CLASS) after 5yrs 3months on the waiting list in 2007.
Darin got on a similar program in Feb 2009…

So I’m constantly learning more about both sides – government & the people – of the funding & services.

In an attempt to organize and share the info, I’m working on a website…
I need feedback, reviews and questions. It’s impossible to see your own blind spots.

There’s a button on the sidebar:
Texas Medicaid Waivers Explained

Please be gentle, but specific in your critic… If I put too much info, left gaps, etc.