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Life Redesign – Goal 1: Getting Healthy – Starting again

This has been a rough month for getting healthy. On February 26, I started feeling bad… & on March 20, I found out it was diverticulitis & started antibiotics.

In March, I exercised 7 times. Today, March ends with my 1st trip to the gym in 2 weeks.

It’s discouraging to start over after 7 weeks of going strong.

But I can see, for the first time 2 great things:

  1. Exercise is really good for my mental health!
    I have been able to see clearly how much harder to fight darkness is without energy.
  2. My metabolism is working.
    After years of being sure I don’t have one, I think it’s going – cuz I continued to lose (a very small) amount of weight this month.

I’m clinging to these to help me push back into working out.


Life Redesign – Goal 4: Review of

I tried out Once A Month cooking using Once A Month Meals Traditional Menu – January 2014. 20140205-105525.jpg


  • It has been really nice to have food to take out of the freezer for dinner.
  • Most of the meals have been really tasty.


  • The calculations on both the shopping list & the recipes were not 100% accurate. Probably 80%… but when you are cooking for 8-10 hrs, 20% can be very frustrating.
    • The biggest deal has been portions for eating – meals that had me put one recipe in 4 gallon bags only have fed 3-4 people. So I should have realized when it said “10 servings” on the recipe, I should put it in 2 gallon bags – only getting 2 dinners, not 4 out of it.
    • The most confusing part was that they had me cook a certain # of lbs of each meat ahead of time, but it was portioned in recipes in cups… So it didn’t spread out quite right. Luckily, I had frozen precooked chicken in my freezer…

Overall, I think the method is good… I think the recipes & variety are great!

I’ll probably try it one more time to see how it goes.

Life Redesign – Goal 2: Create a healthier home environment – regarding both meals & leisure time.

I need help on this one. We need a starting point for eating healthy as a family.
What standards do you follow?

Life Redesign – Goal 3: Begin spending time getting to know the hearts of women in my church – 1 month report & New Goal 5: Get consistent with bible study.

Mixed reviews on this one…

I have really enjoyed meeting for lunch with several ladies from church. I was really excited when I got invited to lunch with 3 ladies… I hadn’t realized how much initiating I had been doing.

Several ladies got together to plan a bible study. They are open to trying my beloved method through Kay Arthur’s Precept Ministries International of inductive bible study. But to do that, I’ve got to step up and lead it… which also means I have to keep up with my homework! I’ve spent my 10 years attending Precept bible studies at Houston’s First Baptist Church and Sagemont Church, and since I worked full-time, I never made myself do all the homework.
So this is good for me… I need to do the homework. I have the time. I need to make it important.
So we will be doing Matthew Chapters 1-13 for the next 8 weeks.20140205-102400.jpg

I guess this meets Goal 5: Get consistent with bible study

This month has also been hard. I have experience some spiritual attack that made me want to walk away. I have put myself out there and been criticized, and I realize it would be so much easier to leave the church work to Joel.

Then I must remember:
I was called to follow The Lord and minister with my life BEFORE Joel. Before kids.

I don’t have the option to turn away. Turning away will be like deciding not to be me.

Life Redesign: Update

I haven’t made much progress on figuring out what my Maine life will look like.
Between illness & holidays, I’m mostly treading water.

But I don’t want to get stuck here.

While there is nothing profound about a new month or a new year passing, it does feel like a good marker for change.

I’m hoping that I can set my mind on some goals to start in January… especially since this will be my first time with all 3 kids attending public school here in Maine (Arabella joins the boys there on January 6).

Goal 1: Consistent exercise!
Goal 2: Find something to volunteer to help with at the kids school.
Goal 3: Begin spending time getting to know the hearts of women in my community.
Goal 4: Create another income source and/or cut down our food budget by shopping more intentionally.

Well, those were right off the top of my head, so now I have like 14 days to figure out how to get going on them. Wish me luck!

Life redesign

I am in the midst of what I think is a rare opportunity: a chance to redesign my life.

By moving across the country, many parts of my life were deconstructed:

  • My job
  • My friendships
  • My kids’ schools & the roles I played in them
  • My personal ministry

At first, this led to an identity crisis. By my 3rd month away from my old life, I felt pretty lost & depressed.

But now I’m coming to a place of embracing this rare opportunity.

Who do I want to be here, in my new life? What do I want to spend time on?

These are big questions.
They are important because they determine how my priorities are lived out over the next year(s).

So this week I took my first step to stop letting these questions be answered by default…. by whatever activities automatically fill my time.

Step 1: Make a list of everything currently in my life, and everything I want to be a part of my life.

Now onto Step 2: Deciding what goes so the important stuff can take priority!