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Preparing for new growth

Every Spring (or almost), I start to get the gardening itch. It goes right along with the desire to clean out everything, making it tidy & organized.

Yesterday, Costco kick-started my itch. They had fruit trees about 7′ tall for $15.

My little rent house has a big dip in the front yard where a tree used to be, and the grass is super-burnt from last year’s drought and lack of shade.

So I figured for $30, I could change this front yard for the next tenants or owners.

I grabbed a peach & a pear, and headed home with one sticking out the front window, & one sticking out the back window.

I had to get Holden from school on the way, and he convinced me to go straight to Lowe’s for supplies.

This jump started projects that took from 3:45-8:00 yesterday & 10:00-3:00 today!

  • New trees planted!
  • Herb garden created!
    My porch has had an empty planter with yucky dirt…
    So we changed out the dirt, put pre-grown Basil & Sage, and seeds for Rosemary, Cilantro, & Chives!
    I’m hoping to find an electric trimmer for our huge bushes.
  • Replant lettuce to prep garden for planting.
    I have been confused about how to start over with my garden with so much lettuce growing. It is more than I can pick & eat.
    So I replanted 1-2 of each of 4 types into a produce crate:
    Then I beefed up the dirt.
    I couldn’t stand to throw away my tall broccoli, so I stuck them in a flower bed.
  • The biggest project: change front flower bed.
    In front of my house was a huge bed of ferns. The ferns were ugly & out of control!
    They also consumed many toys tossed out the window!
    I started pulling them & discovered their stems were like hard reeds, and their root network was intense!
    I had to cut out all the ferns, then remove about 4″ of soil with root.
    Then I replanted something I like better from the side of the yard:
    They are kinda droopy from the move, but I think they will perk up!

    I’m hoping to add flowers tomorrow!