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Movie: 12 Years a Slave

Sometimes, it’s embarrassing to have white skin. Last night, watching 12 Years a Slave20131124-085003.jpg, I had this feeling again… The last time I remember feeling this shame was watching The Help.

Unlike The Help which was historical fiction, 12 Years a Slave was a true story from 1841, a terrible period of history when southern white Americans treated black people as property.


This story was of a black American man who had experienced a life of freedom in the North, then was kidnapped, transported, and sold in the South. While his story held the element of hope that someone from his free life would come rescue him, it was devastating to realize that the others enslaved with him did not have anyone to turn to after due to multiple generations of slavery.

This movie reminded me of the pain I felt watching Schindler’s List and other holocaust films.

How did each culture become so desensitized to humanity that these atrocities could occur?

Are we doing this to ourselves again?

This is a terrible cycle we seem to repeat… from the Coliseum in Rome in the 1st century A.D., to slavery of Africans to build the “free” USA, to the genocide of Jews in Germany & Poland.

What are we watching, participating in, thinking that may allow us to go there again?

Are we the next observers of pain for pleasure?