Arabella Grace

Arabella is my 1st child. She was an answer to a prayer for a child with Down syndrome. She was born on 9/11/2001, so while everyone else was focused on tragedy & fear, I was experiencing a SUPER PAINFUL natural birth, resulting in JOY!

Arabella was a “surprise” during my engagement period. Her first name, Arabella, means “beautiful altar” and her middle name is Grace. She represents the grace that I have always received from my God, even when I disobey His order for sex and marriage.

Arabella had a difficult 1st year due to a broken heart. She ended up needing a feeding tube then a G-button by 3 months. She had open heart surgery to repair her ASD & VSD (holes) at 6 months. But by 1 year old, she was eating without the button.

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