Darin Michael

Darin is my 3rd child, my 2nd son. He entered our family through the miracle of adoption.
Our adoption process was a whirlwind – 6 weeks from the possibility of a baby to Darin entering our home at 25 days old.

His birthmother named him after her cousin and her step-dad.
When we heard about Darin, Joel looked up the meaning of his names:

  • Darin means “a precious present”
  • Michael means “who is like God”.

Perfect! We didn’t change it at all!

His birthmom, Lonnie, passed away in 2012, after being a big part of our family 6 years. We called her “tummy-mama”.

Tummy-mama’s memory book


Darin’s birth announcement


Darin’s 1st birthday


Darin’s 2nd birthday


Darin’s 3rd birthday


Darin’s 4th year (can’t find a birthday pic)


Darin’s 5th year (can’t find party pic again)


Darin’s 6th birthday


Darin’s 7th year…

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