Holden Luke

Holden is my 2nd child, my 1st son. His life is a constant blessing and anomaly for me, since he grows up twice as fast as my other 2 children, Arabella and Darin.

His first name, Holden, comes from The Catcher in the Rye, a book that stole my husband’s heart as a teenager. I confess I have never read it, in case I didn’t like it, and then I would want to change my son’s name.
Holden means “deep valley” and Luke means “Light” as in “God is light”. So I pray that he will be a deep valley of God’s light.

Holden is born.

Holden is 1 year old

Holden is 2 years old

Holden is 3 years old

Holden is 4 years old

Holden is 5 years old

Holden is 10 years old

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