Mother’s Day & where I’m at

Today was not perfect. It wasn’t a photo-worthy holiday… and I wasn’t surprised, cuz that’s kinda where we are at as a family.

I think holidays are harder than regular days, cuz they are like “weigh in” day at “over-eaters anonymous”. 

We went to a restaurant (early so we wouldn’t have over hungry kids waiting in a long line), and Darin was melting down before we were even seated.

I used to be fine without the picture perfect… but right now, I guess I’m not.

But I’ll keep trying to be.


Appropriately titled

Not sure why I chose the byline for this blog, but it is a perfect fit right now. 

In the fall, I entered a season of “blah” in my faith. My normal hope and hunger in my faith in Christ have been out of my reach. And as a natural rule breaker vs follower, it’s been hard to get myself to go through the motions of the Christian walk. With the new year, I resigned from leading a small group of girls, since I didn’t feel like leading anyone into the wilderness. 

But I also realized I had created some of the issues… like spending my time at church in student ministry with Bella, instead of with adults.

So this month I have jumped into adult Bible class at my church, and returned to Precepts bible study at another church.

So far, they actually go together – Jeremiah & Daniel. And they are reminding me of characteristics of God’s eternal plan that are bigger than me.

I’ve decided to try to blog through this season, because it’s easy to talk about the easy seasons… but this is the season I need to be able to look back on and learn from.


You can’t always fully appreciate the value of a gift when you received it…

In winter of 2013-14 in Maine, a good gift-giver Chuck gave me a treasure that I only now appreciate as such.

Her name is Kaitlin.

Chuck had an amazing ability to entrust Joel & I with ministry inclusion that was outside our pursuits, but so good for us.

In this case, he asked if I would disciple his friend, Kaitlin. We actually met up at the local Taco Bell (there were no Starbucks in Farmington), and decided to start a friendship.

I didn’t instantly know Kaitlin was a treasure. She didn’t sweep in and say, “Here’s all I have to offer as a friend.”

But she might be my most treasured gift from God in a long time.

Kaitlin is an amazing listener. Not because she quietly listens. But she LISTENS, actively and rememberfully, to what & how you say things.

Kaitlin makes time for people. She drove 6 hrs each way at thanksgiving from her home in northern Kentucky for 48 hrs with us in Tennessee.

Kaitlin loves my children well, recognizing their value & setting aside time for each of them.

As I prayed today for companions in my daily life here in Friendswood, God brought to mind my sweet Kaitlin (and others) He has provided over my lifetime, filling me with thankfulness & hope.

He has brought me back

The last 16 months have been the saddest of my life. I entered a lostness that felt all consuming.

It was hard for me to understand, because it felt very bratty to be so sad. When we left Maine, God’s provision was clear – our Houston rental property sold and provided money to live without jobs, a coworker at my Houston job resigned and I was able to return to a job I love, we found a great rent house in the school district we wanted for the kids to be with their cousins.

But the darkness was still very complete for me.

Around Memorial Day, I found a church home at First Baptist Friendswood, and started to feel the light reentering. Once again, I could see so much provision by God – amazing, inclusive ministry to Darin and Arabella, church camp for Holden, people in the community who I would connect with and then see at church (I’m talking about you, Mollie!), and many more things.

But I was still in some darkness, maybe just the shadows.

I distinctly remember the first moment it felt like the sun was peaking through the clouds. I was in Sunday worship, and looking at the student ministry section where the junior high & high school students sit together, and I thought, “I would love to minister to them.” This was wonderful, since I felt like I would never be part of God’s work again, like He was done with me, and I was without purpose in His kingdom.

Little by little, the hope that I can be a part of His glory is returning.

He is making me whole.

(But I still miss Maine so much.)

Things change

I usually think of a blog post FIRST, then write it…

But today, I’m just writing, as I think.

Life is so different in this season. Some differences I like, some I don’t.

I like:

  • that I spend alot of time in my house right now. For many years, I drove Arabella to Friendswood everyday to go to The Horizon School – so I would spend the rest of the day in a coffice like Starbucks, or at client’s home for case management. But my new case load is close to home… and my kids are in local public schools, and going to local pediatricians, barbers, dance studios, and soccer fields. I like this alot.
  • that my mom is going to Precepts with me. I’ve always done Precepts bible study with friends… and I had little one-on-one interaction with my mom that isn’t centered on my kids. I’m glad to see her at Precepts.

I don’t like:

  • that I’m only good a juggling a certain number of things, and exercise is always the 1st to go. When I didn’t work in Maine, my list of things could be bible study, exercise, maintaining the house, feeding the family, and all the kids stuff… But adding case management bumps out something.
  • that I’m back to too many friendships I’d like to have, too much driving to have them. In Maine, everyone was close by, and the number of people I knew was limited to a year of time… In Houston, I have 36 years of friendships spread over this enormous “city” encompassing Friendswood, Pasadena, Pearland, Katy, Cypress, Spring…

I’m still processing this past year, the joys & the disappointments. They have changed me more than anything in 15 years… not sure if I like all the changes.

Until we meet again…

Getting crafty: modifying t-shirts

For the GCLFEDS Step Up for Down Syndrome walk today, all the individuals with DS had bright blue shirts to stand out for the green for their team. I accidentally ordered an adult XL for Arabella, so I had to modify it.
Using a few YouTube videos as samples, I made her shirt shorter, narrow, with cap sleeves.

At 7am, I tried on my Step Up walk shirt… Ughh. Boxy & shapeless. And the collar was touching my neck!
So I made mine shorter, narrower, with cap sleeves like Arabella’s… but I also added a v-neck.

It came out so great I came home & did the same thing to my Beautiful beyond the Pain shirt that I where to remember my cousin Alex, who went to heaven in May.

Here’s the progression:




With v-neck

Feeling stupid not generalizing

So this week, I had 2 typical experiences in new settings in close enough time, that they shined light on each other….

  1. Darin went to day camp and got in lots of trouble the 1st day. Then I figured out he didn’t have 1-on-1 support, that was added, and he was able to continue with daycamp.
  2. We tried putting Darin in a class at church, so we could listen to the sermon, and he lasted 10 mins… and Joel missed the rest of the service sitting in the hall with him.

And it clicked for me:
Church is the only setting where we try to put him in a class without 1-on-1 support, pretending in that setting he is typical.
We don’t do it at school, or day camp, or VBS.
But week after week, we are shocked it goes terrible at church.

Unfortunately, this realization was not accompanied by a solution.

Interestingly, the sermon at the church we visited today was about Act 6:1-13, where the 1st church had to address unmet needs within the church.

I wish this didn’t feel like a unique need that not everyone shares. I don’t want to be the one with the need.

What are other special needs kids doing within small churches?