Human trafficking abolition

Ideas for learning about and taking action to ABOLISH human trafficking (slavery!):

  1. Watch the trailer for “StreetDreams”
  2. Attend @Redeemed_ presentation on the 2nd Saturday of each month, 8am @ Houston’s First Baptist Church
  3. Download Love146’s free curriculum
  4. Start reading Girls like Us by GEMS founder Rachel Lloyd.
  5. Watch GEMS documentary Very Young Girls
  6. Contact me to talk about YOUR church helping Redeemed Ministries.
  7. Read the blog of a survivor taking action! Face of Tears: Kim Chong
  8. Stop & pray. For
    • sex workers
    • sex purchasers
    • traffickers
  9. Instead of just driving by that sketchy place, commit to pray for it.
  10. Pray for abolitionist Brent & Courtney Orrange (Sierra Leone)
  11. Shop to support Bangkok survivors: Nightlight International.
  12. Set up a recurring donation for $10 to Redeemed Ministries.
  13. Set a daily alarm on your phone to pray against trafficking.
  14. Make something, then sell it to benefit an abolition ministry.
  15. Sponsor a child thru Compassion International. Abolition trafficking by prevention!
  16. Mentor local teens, especially foster kids or those with broken homes.
  17. Check out Houston’s abolition coffee project: A 2nd Cup
  18. Listen to a Graduate of the Love146 Round Home tells her own story of recovery.

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